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Stealth Bomber 2012


· Stealth / Bomber and Fighter: Stealth Owner’s Manual.
· 9-speed transmission: SR Suntour V-Boxx FR9: V-Boxx Owner’s Manual.
· Current analyzer: Cycle Analyst


· Total weight (ready to ride) is 116 lb (53 kg). Battery (removable) weight is 23.1 lb (10.5) kg. Weight without battery is 93 lb (42 kg).

· Instrumentation: An integrated Cycle Analyst provides readout for speed, distance and electrical related info (Voltage, Amps…). It also allows to set maximum current, minimum voltage cutoff.

· Tires:
– Street: Schwalbe / Crazy Bob, size 24″ x 2.35″
– Dirt: Duro / Razorback, size 24″ x 3″

· Gearing between the pedals and the rear wheel is achieved with a SR Suntour V-Boxx FR9 9-speed sequential gear box. Changing gears is done with a twist grip. A concentric swingarm pivot eliminates the need for a chain tensioner and derailleur.

· Crystalyte X5403. Direct drive (no internal gear) brushless DC hub motor.
· Power: 4.5 kW (6.0 HP). To achieve this level (otherwise restricted to 750 W and 20 mph)

· LiFePO4 chemistry. 1.5 kWh energy. Life of 1000 cycles.
· Weight of 23.1 lb (10.5) kg

· Speed: Claim of 50 mph (80 km/h) maximum on website.
· Range: Claim of 50 miles (80 km) on website, but at what average speed?

Seat: Seatpost diameter is 31.6 mm

Stealth Bomber V-boxx flush and Grease

V-boxx transmission oil flush and addition of grease.


SR Suntour V-Boxx FR9 9-speed

Front of battery compartment, with power/speed restrictor wire cut

Battery compartment

Battery by itself

Schwalbe / Crazy Bob tyre


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